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We are dedicated to cultivating, supporting, empowering, and celebrating our individual and collective journey from the age of separation into the age of re-Union.This 11 day pilgrimage to the sacred valley of Peru will be a ceremonial and initiatory journey into the heart of the Andean cosmovision.

This pilgrimage is anchored in the ancient roots of the plant-spirit medicine Huachuma and the teachings of the Pachakuti Mesa lineage. This pilgrimage is one of healing the illusions of separation through the ancient, yet ever new, andean practices of gratitude, sacred reciprocity, and remembrance.

This trip is also created for the those of all ages and backgrounds who feel in their heart that there is a more beautiful way to live, and who wish to dive into this possibility with their whole beings.

The gifts are great for the mystic sojourner who is willing to humbly journey to the ancestral powerhouse of the Andean world. The teachings and practices of this trip will empower you to leave this trip with the tools to be able to anchor the healing gifts of this pilgrimage into your lives back home through the radical, infinite beauty of the Pachakuti Mesa practice.  “Pilgrimage to the place of the wise is to find escape from the flame of separateness.”    ~ Rumi

The spirit of the hummingbird is the totemic power of the master plant spirit teacher Huachuma and the symbolic deity of the realms of divine light, known in Quechua as the Hanaqpacha. The spirit of the Hummingbird will be our guide through the journey.

“Robin and Darcy are impeccable guides, offering from their depth of personal experience and sincere desire to serve all life. With their unshakable integrity and incredible passion for this work, they bring a joyful and light-hearted approach to transformation.” ~ Cassandre Ortiz,

CanadaIn this 11 day odyssey of heart and spirit you will:Journey to the ancestral power of the Huacas, ancient power sites of  Pisaq and Cusco, and to majestic Apus, mountain spirits, to give offerings and receive blessings.Receive an introduction to the Pachakuti Mesa practice.Receive teachings and blessings from indigenous wisdom keepers of the Pisaq Valley.

Participate in 3 ceremonies of direct initiatory experience with the sacred plant teacher “the Cactus of the Four Winds” with a team of experienced Huachumeros to support and empower you.Learn to prepare and brew fresh Andean medicines.

Experienced, holistic, and kind support and loving care for your entire journey.Facilitated group process, dialogue, and teachings to help each pilgrim have a successful and kind journey.Participate in Despacho and Mama Coca ceremonies.

Day trips to ancient sites in the Sacred Valley with a guide who understands the energetic significance and historical potency of these sacred places.Entrance fees and transportation to the sacred sites.

Experience gifted Andean musicians and ancient sung prayers.Visit and find treasures at the wild and wonderful open air shaman markets of Cusco and Pisac.Stay in a beautiful and enchanting guest house.Most meals will be included with guests needs and preferences accommodated including gluten-free and vegetarian.

For meals not included participants will have the option explore the many restaurants in Pisac and Cusco.Filtered water is available throughout your stay at the guest house.Participants will have access to energy healing sessions, massage, acupuncture, and Spa treatments including a Jacuzzi, dry sauna, cold pool and floral baths.

Schedule:Day 1- ArrivalGuest will arrive in Cusco, Peru with airport pick up arranged. All guests can spend the day acclimating and resting at the beautiful guest house we will call home for our time together. We will have an arrival celebratory dinner featuring local fresh ingredients for dinner.

Day 2- Opening Ceremonies & BlessingsIn the morning the group will gather for an opening circle and ceremony. This will be an opportunity to awaken your Pachakuti Mesa ground, and begin the journey of aligning to the powerfully energies of Pisac. We will as a group journey to meet our Huachumeros Paul & Suzanne for an introduction to their service and medicine. Later in the day we will have a despacho ceremony to bless our group’s journey with indigenous leaders of the Wiñay Taki family. We will also get a chance to see the school they have created for the children of the area Kusi Kawsay (a donation will be made on behalf of our group for the children of the Andes.)

Day 3- Moray & MarasWe will leave the Pisac Valley in the morning on an adventure to the magical site of Moray and the ancient, yet still productive, salt springs of Maras. The foundation of the Andean CosmoVision is to have your spiritual life be fully integrated with all aspects of a your life. To allow your practice be oriented to living an industrious, wise, and loving life that is connected and relational. The Inca were able to feed all their people. The Moray site highlights the Incan wisdom and skillfulness of seed cultivation, we will make offerings here that our spiritual practice and time in Peru “grow corn and potatoes.” The salt springs of Maras are of supreme importance to the cultivation of Andean culture, for without salt there is no human culture. These waters are truly the Mother of the Andean culture, and an ideal place to honor in the beginning of this Spirit-guided pilgrimage.

Day 4- Huachuma Ceremony Hummingbird Retreat CenterWe will journey in the morning from our guesthouse to the spectacular Hummingbird Retreat Center for the first Huachuma ceremony. After a full day of ceremony here a beautiful dinner will be served before heading back to our guest house.

Day 5-Exploration of Pisac Sacred SiteWe will come together as a group for a ceremony integration circle, and then we will make a mid morning journey to the Pisac ruins where a local guide will helps us to have a deeper understanding of the sacred significance of this site. This site has profound teachings embedded in the ancient stones. It is a mirror of the heavens, and signifies the perennial wisdom alive in the Andes of “as above so below, as below so above.” The afternoon can be spent resting, exploring the village of Pisac, or hiking from the mountain top site down to the ancient pathways to the village.

Day 6- Journey to CuscoWe will wake up early and make the journey to the sacred sites of the Cusco Valley. The city of Cusco is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas. This paradigm-transforming day will include visiting some of the most mind-blowing ancient sites in the world, including Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, the temple of the Moon, Puca Pucara, Tambo Machay, and the QoriQancha. Each site is a portal to the wisdom of the ancients, we will make offerings and honor the ancestors of this rich land. It will be a full day of exploration and unparalleled life enrichment!

Day 7- Huachuma Ceremony Hummingbird Retreat CenterWe will journey in the morning from our guesthouse to the spectacular Hummingbird Retreat Center for the second Huachuma ceremony. After a full day of ceremony here a beautiful dinner will be served before heading back to our guest house.

Day 8- Pisac Market & Rest DayWe will have a morning ceremony integration circle, and then have the day free to each guest to care for themselves. Pisac has one of the most beautiful abundant farmer’s and artisan markets anywhere. We will have a day where guests can relax, journey through the markets, receive body work, or integrate in any way that feels nourishing.

Day 9- Ollantaytambo and the Temple of the CondorIn the early morning participants will have to opportunity to help prepare and brew the Huachuma medicine we will be drinking in our final ceremony. We will leave Pisac after this and drive to the town and ancient site of Ollantaytambo. This is site of spectacular monolithic stone work, water temples, and views of the revered mountain spirits Veronica.

Day 10-Huachuma Ceremony Hummingbird Retreat CenterWe will journey in the morning from our guesthouse to the spectacular Hummingbird Retreat Center for the third Huachuma ceremony. After a full day of ceremony here a beautiful dinner will be served before heading back to our guest house.

Day 11- Day of Blessing & CleansingIn the morning we will gather for a ceremony integration circle. After this participants may choose to visit a local spa for individual massages, flower baths, steams, and jaquzzi, or simply rest in the afterglow of the medicine ceremonies in the guesthouse gardens. In the afternoon we will have a final blessing ceremony with the Wiñay Taki. That evening we will have a group celebratory feast.

Day 12- Closing CircleThe morning will be filled with a closing celebration circle and ceremony. Guests are free to leave after noon. Transportation to the airport will be arranged if guests are leaving on this day.

“The blessings, insights and gifts I received through these ceremonies continue to blossom in my life in magical and unexpected ways.”~ Tanin Shunter, Canada

Accommodation – Melissa Wasihttp://www.melissa-wasi.com/  For this 11 day retreat we will be staying at the beautiful Melissa Wasi centre just outside of Pisac, Peru.Hummingbird Retreat Center http://hummingbirdretreatperu.com/ During the three Hauchuma ceremonies we will be spending the day at the beautiful Hummingbird retreat centre.

Plant teacher medicine Huachuma / San PedroThis medicine helps reveal the mystical world around us and brings us into a state of heightened awareness to realize our collective unity. Healing and transformation are an aspect of each and every ceremony, for each and every one of us.

This beautiful, kind, and joyful medicine has a truly wonderful way of helping us to help each other and ourselves. Heart-Medicine ceremonies are a rare opportunity to deeply transform and heal our lives and relationships. This ceremony is an opportunity to consciously address current issues in your life, find alignment and healing for the energies of the body, explore who and what we are as beings, and radically connect with the alive wisdom of Mother Earth.

Directions to RetreatParticipants will start by flying to Lima, Peru.  From Lima taking a 1 hour flight to Cusco, Peru.  At the Cusco airport our team will pick the participants up and shuttle everyone over to the Melissa Wasi Lodge in the small town of Pisac in the Sacred Valley.  A 45 minute journey.  This is where the adventure begins…

PACHAKUTI MESA TRADITION What is The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition?

Pachakuti” means “world reversal” and refers to the time of transformation we are living now. A mesa is an altar for self-exploration, transformation and personal growth in which we create a new paradigm of one’s relation to the Self and the Universe. This tradition, in all its richness, is an evolving practice of inner and outer activities that restore balance and harmony to our relationships with All That Is.What is the origination and lineage of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition?

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo is the originator of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of cross-cultural shamanism andthe visionary founder of The Heart of the Healer organization (THOTH).

Through his teachers, don Celso Rojas Palomino and don Benito Corihuamán Vargas, the ancient lineage of this shamanic tradition can be traced back to its origins over 5,000 years ago.Don Oscar’s first experience with Peruvian shamanism was under the famed huachumero don Celso Rojas Palomino from Salas.

After don Celso transitioned to the Spirit World, don Oscar then started a four-year apprenticeship within the Andean Paqokuna tradition of shamanism with famed kuraq akulleq don Benito Corihuamán Vargas from the village of Wasao.

Both of these venerated elders sanctioned Oscar with a similar compacto de voz y palabra (i.e., “an oral bequeath as elder lineage carrier for the people,”) requesting him to share the “prophetic vision” of the “Ancient Ones”, among as many people as possible living in modern Western developed nations of the world. Both elders insisted this was the only way of safeguarding the true “inner wisdom” behind the Earth-based spiritual traditions and healing arts continuously practiced by Peruvian indigenous cultures since time immemorial.


“Robin and Darcy create a sacred and safe ceremony space that holds many facets of the Andean culture and healing practices translating into an exceptionally rich and deep experience.  As individuals, a couple, facilitators and ceremonial practitioners they walk the road they are showing to others with integrity, kindness, generosity and reciprocity.   What they are offering into the world,  I would recommend to anyone.” Laurel C., Administrator & Event Organizer

We have worked with Darcy and Robin for several years now and are both touched by and impressed with the quality and care they bring to everything they do. They exhibit a consciousness that is deeply creative, inclusive, sensitive, respectful, and supportive to the process of life and to the lives around them. We are delighted that they are taking people on journeys to Peru, a land they know and love well. We are confident that what they are offering would be memorable and fulfilling to those who participate with them in anything they offer.

Jim Q. & Carol S., Wisdom TeachersDarcy and Robin have been friends and colleagues of mine for several years now. I have sat in ceremony with their facilitation, and I have had  a supporting role, co-facilitated ceremony with them. I have experienced in person and benefited from their intrinsic integrity, open heartedness and clarity throughout.

Robin is both light and serious, dedicated and devoted, and a beautiful embodiment of the divine feminine. She is able to bring her humanity to the community table with exquisite elegance and charm. Darcy is devoted and committed to extraordinary service and attention to disciplined presence and detail. They both offer openly their direct experience to the community as they grow in awareness, and as parents with a very young daughter. They live what they offer without reservation. I recommend them without qualification, both individually and as a couple,  as ceremonial facilitators and dedicated practitioners.

Jonathan T. PhD, Coach, Educator When Robin and Darcy say they are going to do something, I trust that it will be done. They have a natural capacity to create a ceremonial space that is safe, respectful, and full of integrity and kindness. The vibratory field they carry with them is full of light, warmth, and courage. One of the things I love most about them is their own devotion to evolution and awakening. They are curious, creative and always ready to explore new possibilities, in their own lives and in their work. I recommend their events, workshops and ceremonies without reservation. I want to express what I have experienced, in relation to Darcy and Robin, as their essential qualities.

These qualities are the most natural and profound ways I have witnessed them being themselves, and making powerful contributions to the whole field around them. I experience Darcy as a healer and a practitioner. Since I have known him, he has studied with some brilliant teachers, and engaged in deep healing work and powerful spiritual practices with great dedication.

In ceremony with him, there have been many moments when I have seen him offering healing energy to someone. I felt, in those moments, the transmission of all that he has practiced, and the simple, luminous power of his presence. I also see that since he has become a father, different dimensions of his being have opened, and are flowing seamlessly into his work.

I know Robin as a river of love and generosity. She is a giver by nature. In many ceremonies I have watched her share her own personal evolution and awakening with transparency and tenderness, in a way that is of true benefit to the whole. She brings a lot of humour with her, including a capacity to laugh at herself. – Shayla W., Life Coach, Professional MediatorI have been participating in ceremonies and Pachakuti based workshops with Robin and Darcy for three years.

In their dedication to the work and living their practice they bring a strong sense of integrity and safety to the space. This allows me to trust and give myself fully to the journey. I’ve been so grateful to let go of lifetime issues of anxiety, scarcity fears, and so much guilt in an atmosphere of loving community and service to all sentient beings. Grief over loss of loved ones has been transformed and relationship with these new ancestors has become joyful and present.

When asked I tell friends that attending these ceremonies is the best gift I have ever given myself.” – Suzan W., Art Therapist”

My greatest fear was that I would be lost in grief and sadness. Instead, I was supported by the people and the medicine to surrender and at the depth of my grief came the awareness of how deeply I love. Discovering how deeply I love was the most important soul discovery of my 70 year life. I laughed with joy, a joy that contained my grief – peacefully.

In my present life, this awareness continues to fill me with wonder and acceptance of how such a paradox can be held and I am now always aware of my deep love of humanity and the sadness that abides in that love, peacefully. The loving, gentle and supportive environment of Darcy and Robin’s ceremonies – the gentle embrace of the medicine – encouraged me to surrender in safety and gain what my Self needed most to know about my Soul. Thank you forever.” – Kathryn S., Community Elder, Acct. Exec. Ret.

“I have the highest respect for Robin and Darcy as workshop facilitators and ceremonial practitioners. They are kind, compassionate, and sensitive; highly attuned to the multidimensionality of inner exploration. They are devoted to being of service for the greatest good of all beings, and dedicated to supporting people to connect with themselves, community, and Spirit.

They both radiate love, wisdom, care, and the sincerity and resonance of people who live from their hearts. I’ve worked with them for years, and totally trust their ability to offer a safe, encouraging, and inspiring space where people can feel the freedom to be all that they are. As a facilitator myself for many decades, I feel confident that whatever they offer will reflect the goodness of their hearts and their dedication to service and Spirit, and bring great benefit and blessings to all those in their circles.” Karuna E., International Yoga Teacher & Author

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