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The Way Inn is an Ayahuasca-based holistic healing and research centre located high in the Peruvian Andes, offering ten-day retreats, Shamanic Dietas, Organ Cleanses, Work Exchanges, and Apprenticeships. It was founded in 2002 by Alex Good, an Englishman with nine years of experience working and studying with the master plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro in Peru.The mission of The WAY Inn Centre is to embody sane, holistic, healthy, sustainable modes of life, in search of balance and harmony within individuals, between individuals, and between communities and their environment. **** Western societies.Our Core Principles:Alignment with Great SpiritRespect for Pachamama, Mother EarthService to the Common GoodCooperation within and between communitiesIntegrity in Thought, Word and DeedHonor Work, making it Art and an OfferingAcceptance, Compassion and HumilityThese Core Principles are our guide of how to maneuver through the challenges we will inevitably face. Essentially, they outline our internal checks and balances to ensure we, and those who follow us, stay true to our initial intention which ultimately is the striving for respect and harmony on every level based upon recognition that we are all One, not just people but all souls. As such, all of the principles follow from the first principle, Alignment with Great Spirit, in that each speaks to alignment at different levels of reality.For more information about these Principles – click here -How The WAY Inn is DifferentGenuine Care and SupportOur team genuinely cares about you and your personal growth, and will work with you individually to help you achieve your highest potential. You will become a part of our extended family as soon as you arrive. If you don’t believe us read our previous guest testimonials.Professional Shamanic TeamHealing shouldn’t revolve around one healer. We have a professional, diverse Shamanic team of Peruvian and Western healers with decades of experience working with the plant medicines.Post-Retreat ReintegrationLong-term healing, with support for a lifetime (not just during the 10 days of retreat). We offer phone or Skype sessions and help build networks in communities worldwide.Holistic Healing ApproachHealing and personal growth are hard work. Using multiple modalities, we work with guests who are dedicated and committed to real personal growth, not those looking for a quick fix or a recreational experience.Delicious, Nutritious FoodWe make the dieta delicious! A wide variety of beautiful, tasty food designed by our professional nutritionist. Mostly organic and straight from our garden, you’ll look forward to every meal.Elegant AccommodationsExquisite rooms with cozy beds and modern comforts. Beautiful Western-style bathrooms, hot showers, and spring water straight from the tap. Beautiful lodge with plenty of amenities.Spectacular SceneryNestled in the Peruvian Andes, surrounded by mountains. A perfect peaceful atmosphere filled with beauty so you can focus on your healing, without the heat and mosquitos of the jungle.High Healer to Guest RatioWith a maximum of 14 guests, our large healing team ensures you will receive the personal care and attention you deserve and need.We work closely with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines, such as San Pedro. We also provide cleansing through tobacco and other plant ‘teas’. At The Way Inn we endeavour to work with you to tailor your process to your individual needs.“ Our scientific power has outrun out spiritual power, We have guided missiles, and misguided men. “- Martin Luther King, JRHealing Programs We Offer10 – Day Ayahuasca RetreatThe Retreat Walkthrough:Typical to a standard 10-day retreat. (Subject to Change)Your first activity as our guest will be an opening Pachi Mama (Mother Earth) ceremony. After which you will be taken through your first Ayahuasca experience (5 in total throughout your stay with us). After every Ayahuasca ceremony, the guest and qualified staff will gather in a group circle to discuss your journeys and give insight. Other Activities include: 2 Tobacco purges, Psychological consultations, Neuromuscular Therapy, Energy Healings, Guided Meditations, Yoga, Qi Gong, Shamanic Lectures, and to close everything off, a closing Gratitude Ceremony.The San Pedro (Huachuma) Ceremony To Open You Up To Nature’s WondersSacred San Pedro Ceremonies in the Andean MountainsWe are very, very excited to inform you all that the San Pedro (Huachuma) portion of our 10-Day Ayahuasca Retreat has returned. San Pedro is a wonderful heart opening sacred medicine, that can connect you deeper with the planet and fellow human beings. The San Pedro Ceremony is the culmination of your retreat. If you choose to partake in this beautiful experience , one Ayahuasca Ceremony will be removed from your retreat schedule. This is so, the Ayahuasca has adequate time to work with your energy system and avoids mixing the two very power psychedelics.Whats Involved?Guests will be introduced to San Pedro once the course of their 4 Ayahausca ceremonies has come to completion, guests will be guided on a San Pedro walk to the head of the Cojup River, where they will spend the bulk of the experience in the beautiful Cojup River Valley in a location we named Elven Glen.Guests who are only interested in participating in the Ayahuasca ceremonies are welcome to opt out of the San Pedro excursion.San Pedro PreparationAs a part of the San Pedro Experience guests will be able to participate in the preparation of the sacred medicine with the guidance of our facilitators. Guests will be able to help with the prep and the cooking of the San Pedro from start to finish that will be used in their ceremony. This is so the guests will have a more intimate connection with the plant and their experience of it. More Information on San Pedro Ceremonies -Click Here-The Spiritual Initiate Program:The Initaite Program is for those people who wish a more personalized healing touch. We strive to fully open the Heart Centre of each individual Initiate in the hopes they bring their love and experience to others out in the world.- The Healing Initiate -The Healing Initiate is a person in-need or wanting of deep personal cleansing. This Program is intended for those people who want to focus solely on personal and spiritual work.- For More Information Please Click Here — The Light Warrior Initiate -The concept surrounding this course is intended to train a person to “hold space” for themselves as well as others when surrounded by opposition or oppression. – For More Information Please Click Here– The Group Retreat -Build your own Retreat with Friends and Co-workers! To ensure your best personal experience our maximum amount guest is 12. Discounts are adjusted according to quantity of persons coming to retreat. – For More Information Please Click Here -Guest Retreat Activities:Outside of ceremony, a number of additional activities are scheduled. These empower you with tools to help heal yourself and to integrate the work of Ayahuasca.Group Circles These assist you with processing and integrating your experiences during retreat. Sharing your thoughts and feelings helps the whole group to move forward.Yoga Developing a personal Yoga practices will help you integrate your retreat experiences into you life back home.Guided Meditation Breathing exercises and meditations are strategically scheduled before each ceremony to prepare both your mind and body for your Ayahuasca experience.Energy Healings A flow of high vibrational energy is guided to your subtle energy body. The energy will work on your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Emotional imbalances and physical conditions can be healed and energetic balance restored.Qi Gong Qigong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind.One-on-One Sessions Get personalized assistance with your healing work. Gain insight into your experiences with private one on one conseltations with our Shamanic Team and our resident transpersonal psycholgist. Our healing team is available to help you on your journey both in and out of ceremony.Abhyanga Is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil. The oil is often pre-medicated with herbs for specific conditions.Floral Baths In Peru, floral baths known as banos florales (“flower baths”) are a staple of shamanic healing from the high Andes to the Amazon basin, where they are used to wash away unhelpful spirits so that blockages are removed and the energy of the universe can flood in to correct the imbalanceTobacco Purges Tobacco is considered one of, if not the most powerful and spiritual of all master plants in the shamanic world. An incredibly potent healing tool, it will cleanse your body not only of physical backlog but also of emotional and spiritual negativity that takes up residence within you.Local Artisans We bring in local artisans to display their crafts of clothing, and jewelry, to support the local Peruvian community. If you wish, you can bring cash to purchase some souvenirs for yourself or loved ones.With The WAY Inn Your Journey Begins!Play hard during your retreat. Go beyond where you normally would. It makes all the difference!What is the DietaOur Dieta has been modified for the altitude and is NOT a full Shamanic Dieta, It is designed to facilitate the intake of powerful trees, Ayahuasca, and Tobacco into your systems. The Dieta is a six-day food regime used to remove the influence of toxins and energies that can cause blockages in the physical and energetic bodies. By restricting certain foods you eat, the Dieta allows the plant medicine to be more effective as well as providing greater protection while you are open energetically.The Dieta represents your sacrifice and commitment to the process that you are undergoing. What you get out of this process depends on how much energy, dedication, and respect you put into it.*Note: When the booking of any of our retreats, you will receive a in-depth Welcome Packet with everything you need to know about our Centre, more information on the Dieta, and how to prepare.For More Information on the Dieta Please -Click Here-What to ExpectAyahuasca and YouWith any deep spiritual work where you have face your fears there is bound to be anxiety. This is completely natural, and our team is will you every step of the way. We make sure you are as comfortable as possible during this challenging timeAyahuasca is an incredibly powerful cleanser and teacher. The medicine contributes to your wholeness, bringing into alignment your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels.Especially in the first few days, Ayahuasca will be busy cleaning out your system. This cleansing will go deep into your body and your spirit. Some of the things that you can expect to clear include mental and physical toxins, repressed emotions, energetic blockages, negative belief systems, karmic debts and energies that are no longer needed.For More Information On What to Expect -Click Here-What to Bring Head Lamp or Flashlight Water Bottle Comfortable Layered Clothing (Included Warm Layers) White coloured clothing for Ceremonies. Rain Gear Natural Sun Protection (organic if possible) Bug Spray (Natural/Organic if Possible) There are no mosquitos, however there are bitting flies which are around for a few hours of the day. Backpack Sun Hat Bathing Suite (for fresh water pond) Some Peruvian money (Soles)A Message From the OwnerCherished Guest, Congratulations and welcome to The Way Inn! We are a Holistic Health and Research Centre dedicated to guiding you as far along your personal journey of healing and self discovery as possible. I am incredibly passionate about this work. After an profound spiritual experience in 1994, I dedicated my life to the exploration of consciousness. After more than a decade of studying multiple spiritual disciplines around the world, I was led to ayahuasca in 2005 and found it to be the single most powerful tool for consciousness expansion due to its direct experiential nature. All of this has culminated in me dedicating my life to making this work available to others. Ayahuasca works on cleansing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems. There are three main aspects to this work that determine the healing power of your ayahuasca experience; the power of the ayahuasca medicine, the power of the medicine practitioner and the power of the medicine recipient. Ayahuasca is NOT a magic bullet – the personal commitment and dedication you bring to this process absolutely determines it’s effectiveness. Outside of ceremony we support you with techniques that will greatly aid you both during your retreat process and during the far more critical integration period after your retreat. Diet, meditation, yoga, breath work, cleansing techniques, mantras and familiarisation with various wisdom paths are all essential elements to keep your body, mind and spirit strong and to support the healing work of ayahuasca. As our guest you will be supported by our professional team of shamans, energy healers, psychologists and nutritionists who provide you with individualised, one on one consultations and guidance throughout your journey at The Way Inn. More than just Ayahuasca, our retreats are part of a holistic and integrated healing path that continues long after you head home. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my personal invitation and graditutude for you to share your journey of transformation with our dedicated and caring professional team. We look forward to having you as our guest.Warmest Regards,Alex GoodOwner, Founder, and Builder of The Way InnMay your journey here with us be a transformative one that inspires you.Our Team Looks Forward to Meeting You!Click to learn about our Team

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